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TSH Board of Directors resolved to convene the 2024 Annual General Shareholders's Meeting


1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2024/02/27

2.General shareholders' meeting date:2024/05/24

3.General shareholders' meeting location: Room 423 of Nankang Software Incubator (Building E, 4th Floor, No. 19-11, Sanchong Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)

4.Shareholders meeting will be held by means of (physical shareholders meeting/ visual communication assisted shareholders meeting / visual communication shareholders meeting):Physical shareholders meeting

5.Cause for convening the meeting I.Reported matters:
(1)Year 2023 Business Report
(2)Audit Committee's Review Report on the year 2023 Financial Statements
(3)Report on Employees' and Directors' Remuneration for the year 2023

6.Cause for convening the meeting II.Acknowledged matters:
(1)Year 2023 Business Report and Financial Statements
(2)Year 2023 Earnings Distribution

7.Cause for convening the meeting III.Matters for Discussion:None

8.Cause for convening the meeting IV.Election matters: Election of two additional independent directors

9.Cause for convening the meeting V.Other Proposals: Release of non-competition restrictions on Directors

10.Cause for convening the meeting VI.Extemporary Motions:None

11.Book closure starting date:2024/03/26

12.Book closure ending date:2024/05/24

13.Any other matters that need to be specified:
Pursuant to Article 172-1 and 192-1 of the Company Act,a shareholderholding 1% or more of the total number of issued shares may submit a written proposal for discussion and nomination of independent directorat a regular shareholders' meeting from 2024/3/18 to 2024/3/28 17:00.
Location for shareholders' submission of proposal: Finance Department,Building G, 3F-1, No.3-1, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan.
Tel: (02)2655-8525