The Compensation Committee is composed of three independent directors. Its responsibilities include regularly reviewing the company's compensation committee organizational regulations and proposing amendments, formulating and periodically reviewing policies, systems, standards, and structures for the evaluation and compensation of directors and executives, and regularly assessing the achievement of performance targets for directors and executives. The committee also reviews the content and amount of individual compensation based on the results of performance evaluations, and the members of the Compensation Committee act in accordance with their fiduciary duty of care, faithfully carrying out their duties, and submitting their recommendations for discussion by the Board of Directors.

Current Term (Fifth Term): May 25, 2023 - May 24, 2025
Chairperson of the Compensation Committee: Chen, Rwei-Syun
Members of the Compensation Committee: Huang, Yaw-Bin and Chou, Te-Yu

The Compensation Committee convenes meetings at least twice annually.


Remuneration Policy

The Remuneration Committee determines and periodically assesses the pay level and the structure of compensation system to ensure its compliance with fairness and appropriate regulations. Besides the general pay levels in the market, the result of industry salary survey and industry life cycle, the Remuneration Committee shall also consider fairness, consistency, external competitiveness, the Company’s financial condition and directors and managers’ achievement in corporate governance and operational goals when it comes to remuneration.

In pursuit of sustainable operation, the Remuneration Committee will assess the Board members’ remuneration and their sustainability performance (including environmental protection, employee care and social welfare) in the future.