Regional Care

The TSH volunteers go to the "ST. ANNE's House" to accompany the community participation of 12 students who with severely physically handicapped.

We go shopping with tem and provided them with the support and resources they needed. TSH expects everyone to live positively and grow with a public-welfare mindset.


All the invoices total of 76 copies collected in 2019 were donated to the “Good Shepherd Social Welfare foundation”.



In 2019, 400 TKG of white rice were donated to the” Hondao Senior Citizen Welfare Foundation”.

TSH Oil Painting Club held a painting exhibition in the Taipei office. This is a charity sale initiated by employee. The total amount of the charity sale is NT$3,600 were donated to the “Good Shepherd Social Welfare foundation”.TSH hopes to help more disadvantaged groups in need.


TSH cares people with disabilities in“RENYOU SANATORIUM”.

Second-hand Charity Sale

The Christmas secondhand market at TSH Taipei office. TSH employees showed their support by contributing garments, shoes, backpacks, and accessories items for a charity sale. Each colleagues helped with the promotion of the purpose of the sale and successfully raised NT$50,000 TSH is honored to donate all funds to“Beunen Foundation”.


NPO Souvenirs

TSH has for a long time paid attention to social issues. In addition to the usual donations, TSH also purchases products from NPOs as souvenirs for gifts and Fair Trade Certified Coffee.

Support producers and farmers to improve their product quality, production conditions, and cultivate their independent ability, gain more dignity.

TSH Biopharm fulfills its responsibilities as a corporate social citizen.