The company established an Audit Committee in accordance with the Securities Exchange Act, starting from the fourth Board of Directors (June 15, 2017). The Audit Committee is composed of three independent directors. The responsibilities of the Audit Committee include:

  1. Formulating or amending internal control systems.
  2. Assessing the effectiveness of internal control systems.
  3. Developing procedures for handling significant financial transactions, as specified in Article 36-1 of the Securities Exchange Act, related to the acquisition or disposition of assets, derivative transactions, lending funds to others, endorsing for others, or providing guarantees.
  4. Matters involving conflicts of interest of directors.
  5. Significant asset or derivative transactions.
  6. Major lending, endorsing, or guarantee activities.
  7. Raising, issuing, or privately placing equity-like securities.
  8. Appointing or removing certified public accountants, or determining their compensation.
  9. Appointing or removing financial, accounting, or internal audit executives.
  10. Annual financial reports and quarterly financial reports.
  11. Other significant matters as stipulated by the company or regulatory authorities.

The Audit Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency and good governance within the company.

Current Term (Third Term): May 25, 2023 - May 24, 2026.
Chairperson of the Audit Committee for this term: Chou, Te-Yu
Members of the Audit Committee for this term: Chen, Rwei-Syun and Huang, Yaw-Bin

The Audit Committee should convene meetings at least once per quarter. For more information about the Audit Committee, please refer to our annual report.