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Announcement of the Company's list of two additional independent directors


1.Date of occurrence of the change:2024/05/24

2.Elected or changed position (Please enter institutional director, institutional supervisor, independent director, natural-person director or natural-person supervisor):independent director

3.Title and name of the previous position holder:NA.

4.Resume of the previous position holder:NA.

5.Title and name of the new position holder:
(1)Independent Director:Shiow-Ming Wu
(2)Independent Director:Yuen-Liang Lai

6.Resume of the new position holder:
(1)Shiow-Ming Wu:
Education:Ph.D. in Law, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Master of Laws, National Chengchi University
Experience:Professor of Department of Land Economics, National Chengchi University, Independent Director of Chuang Yi Biotech Co., Ltd., Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission
(2)Yuen-Liang Lai:
Education:Diploma, Palliative Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Wales, Bachelor of Medicine, Chung Shan Medical University, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University
Experience:Honorary Consultant of MacKay Memorial Hospital, Adjunct Professor of MacKay Medical College, Independent Director of Chuang Yi Biotech Co., Ltd., Executive supervisor of the Taiwan Academy of Hospice Palliative Medicine, Vice President of Taipei Medical University-Shuang Ho Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

7.Circumstances of change (Please enter “resignation”, “dismissal”,“term expired”, “death” or “new appointment”):new appointment

8.Reason for the change:Election of two additional independent directors.

9.Number of shares held by the new position holder when elected:
(1)Independent Director:Shiow-Ming Wu;0 shares
(2)Independent Director:Yuen-Liang Lai;0 shares

10.Original term (from __________ to __________):2023/05/25~2026/05/24

11.Effective date of the new appointment:2024/05/24

12.Turnover rate of directors of the same term:2/9

13.Turnover rate of independent directors of the same term:2/5

14.Turnover rate of supervisors of the same term:NA.

15.Change in one-third or more of directors (Please enter “Yes” or“No”):No.

16.Any other matters that need to be specified(the information disclosure also meets the requirements of Article 7, subparagraph 6 of the Securities and Exchange Act Enforcement Rules, which brings forth a significant impact on shareholders rights or the price of the securities on public companies.):None.