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Announcement of setting up the Sustainable Development Committee and members of TSH's first Sustainable Development Committee


1.Date of occurrence of the change:2022/08/04
2.Name of the functional committees:Sustainable Development Committee
3.Name of the previous position holder:N/A
4.Resume of the previous position holder:N/A
5.Name of the new position holder:
(1)Yaw-Bin, Huang
(2)Chih-Li, Wang
(3)Rwei-Syun, Chen
6.Resume of the new position holder:
(1)Yaw-Bin, Huang/ Independent director
(2)Chih-Li, Wang/ Independent director
(3)Rwei-Syun, Chen/ Independent director
7.Circumstances of change (Please enter resignation, dismissal,term expired, death or new appointment):New appointment
8.Reason for the change: Establishment of the Sustainable Development Committee
9.Original term (from __________ to __________):N/A
10.Effective date of the new member:2022/08/04
11.Any other matters that need to be specified:
(1)The term of office of the first Sustainable Development Committee is the same as the Company's current Board of Directors.
(2)Sustainable Development Committee Charter was approved by TSH's Board of Directors on August 4, 2022.