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To announce the release of non-compete restrictions for Directors


1.Date of the shareholders' meeting resolution:2023/05/25

2.Name and title of the managerial officer with permission to engage in competitive conduct:
(1)TTY Biopharm Company Limited;Director
(2)Representative of TTY Biopharm Company Limited:Chuan Lin;Director
(3)Representative of TTY Biopharm Company Limited:Carl Hsiao;Director
(4)Representative of TTY Biopharm Company Limited:Kang-Chi Chou;Director
(5)Representative of TTY Biopharm Company Limited:Yong-Liang Wu;Director
(6)Te-Yu Chou;Independent Director
(7)Rwei-Syun Chen;Independent Director

3.Items of competitive conduct in which the officer is permitted to engage:Similiar scope of business of director of management

4.Period of permission to engage in the competitive conduct:The period of being director of the Company.

5.Circumstances of the resolution (please describe the results of voting in accordance with Article 209 of the Company Act):
23,967,680 in total voting rights were represented at the time of voting;
23,727,297 voting right presented for, 98.99% of total voting rights;
67,274 voting right presented against, 0.28% of total voting rights;
0 invalid votes, 0.00% of total voting rights;
173,109 voting right presented abstention and not voting, 0.72 of total voting rights;
this proposal was approved as proposed as affirmative rights higher than statutory ones.

6.If the permitted competitive conduct belongs to the operator of a mainland China enterprise, the name and title of the directors (if it is not the operator of a mainland China enterprise, please enter “N/A” below):TTY Biopharm Company Limited;Director

7.Company name of the mainland China enterprise and the officer’s position in the enterprise:TTY Biopharm Company Limited: Director of Worldco International LTD.

8.Address of the mainland China enterprise:Room B22, 9/F, Billion Plaza 2, 10 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

9.Operations of the mainland China enterprise:Investment and Medicine marketing

10.Impact on the company’s finance and business:No negative impact.

11.If the directors have invested in the mainland China enterprise, the monetary amount of the investment and their shareholding ratio:NA.

12.Any other matters that need to be specified:None.