The era of precision medicine is now.

TSH provide various convenient, time-saving, and accurate detection.

  • Risk of genetic disease

    Lifetime risk assessment

    CellMax DNA Genetic Cancer Risk
    • Comprehensively screen 98 inherited cancer related genes.
    • Clinical evidence based variant interpretation.
    • High cost effectiveness
  • Disease screening

    Current risk assessment

    MPapⓇ test
    • Minimally invasive.
    • Development based on large clinical study in Taiwan, first in the world.
    • Fast and accurately evaluate endometrial cancer risk.
  • Disease Monitor

    Surgery or treatment follow-up

    AlphaLiquidⓇ100 CelleMax LBx Liquid Biopsy CelleMax LBx NCCN LUNG
    • Non-invasive liquid biopsy (ctDNA or CTC).
    • Real-time monitoring.
    • Two NGS sequencing (plasma cfDNA and WBC gDNA)
    • CTC test based on large CRC clinical study in Taiwan.
    • MRD follow-up.
  • Medication Guidelines

    Comprehensive targeted therapies survey

    • Low false negativity and positivity ctDNA liquid biopsy.
    • Actionable drug related genes panel.
    • Flexible testing choices (tissue or liquid).