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TSH Biopharm 2022 Happy New Year

Support the small farmers in the area, and let the tigers and tigers thrive with you!

According to data from "World Watch", it was found that the food eaten by everyone in North America today may have come from production 2400 kilometers away. Compared with 1980, the proportion of local food on the table has been reduced by 1/4, replaced by imported food after long-distance transportation, which means that each meal produces 17 times more carbon dioxide.

Therefore, "local production, local consumption", using the most direct and short-distance food journey, not only helps to reduce the carbon dioxide produced by food during transportation, but also purchases food that is produced locally, and can also establish farmers and production The trust between consumers is a concrete manifestation of protecting the environment with consumption. TSH Biopharm supports local production and local consumption, eats more low-carbon organic rice, helps reduce carbon dioxide, and directly supports organic farmers to produce better quality and more environmentally friendly agricultural products.


Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival TSH Biopharm advocates epidemic prevention and safety while reducing carbon emissions!

TSH Biopharm chooses a natural brand that is in line with sustainable environmental protection and has a green label. In response to the rising epidemic situation, TSH Biopharm chooses hand sanitizer spray as a gift in order to simultaneously improve the health and safety of epidemic prevention. The manufacturing process of this hand sanitizer product uses green renewable energy, and has four green labels including stopping climate change CO2 carbon emissions. While congratulating the solar terms, we can also show Dongshenghua's attitude of contributing to ESG. We invite you to join Dongshenghua in caring for sustainable environmental protection!


TSH Biopharm Raises Love

Step30 international ministries~Establish a small recruitment station

Reducing a total of 3385.2 kilograms of carbon emissions

Last year, we successfully raised supplies at the step30 international ministries!

In order to keep the love alive, in 2022 we directly applied to be a small fundraising station. This year we raised a total of 806 pieces of clothing and 64 bags, reducing a total of 3385.2 kilograms of carbon emissions!


TSH Biopharm Raises Love

Sponsored Hongdao Foundation's "2022 Pack Love Clothes to Help the Elderly" project

Sudden changes in weather and temperature may bring a risk of cardiovascular disease to the elders. TSH Biopharm hopes to contribute to the elders who live alone in the vulnerable care program and provide a better quality of life.

This sponsorship of more than 30,000 yuan will also be used to raise autumn and winter clothes for charity sales. The old clothes will be reused. In addition to implementing the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, the proceeds will also be used as service funds for the care project for the disadvantaged elders living alone. Send warmth and care to the hearts of the elders and continue the caring service.


TSH Biopharm Raises Love

Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to reduce plastic waste and public welfare care for disadvantaged groups go hand in hand

Under the policy that promotes the concept of environmental protection, gifts are purchased from environmentally friendly cups to realize action support for plastic reduction and environmental protection. At the same time, we supported the Smiling Angel Bakery attached to the Welfare and Care Association for the Disabled in Taichung, and purchased a total of 75 gift boxes of egg yolk cakes and nut tarts.