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2023 TSH Biopharm Deeply Cultivating Sustainability. Elevating Love.

TSH Biopharm cares about every moment's choice, allowing us to coexist sustainably with the Earth, preserving the beauty of the natural environment forever! 'TSH Biopharm Deeply Cultivating Sustainability. Elevating Love.'integrates ESG sustainability goals with corporate social responsibility, aspiring to a better life together.

Supporting Social Welfare Foundations with 2023 New Year's Gifts

TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs

Supporting the New Hsinchu City Catholic Charity and Social Welfare Foundation with 112 Charity Gift Boxes and 20 Eco-Friendly Farming Heart Tea Gift Boxes in 2023
TSH Biopharm's Support for New Hsinchu City Catholic Charity and Social Welfare Foundation in 2023 TSH Biopharm is proud to support the New Hsinchu City Catholic Charity and Social Welfare Foundation with charity gift boxes in 2023. The foundation is built on the principles of promoting successful aging for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities, and their vision is to establish comprehensive elderly health care services for those in need. This aligns perfectly with TSH Biopharm's commitment to a diverse and comprehensive approach to healthcare, as well as our dedication to realizing ESG sustainability goals, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

Furthermore, we are also including our Heart Tea Leaf Gift Boxes, cultivated using natural farming methods. Natural farming promotes coexistence and prosperity among tea connoisseurs, growers, residents near tea gardens, and the environment. The commitment to natural farming ensures peace of mind for this generation and a better future for the next!

Charity Gift Boxes Charity Gift Boxes

TSH Biopharm Cardiovascular Disease Health Education Seminar: Spreading Accurate Disease Knowledge for Public Welfare

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public health seminars

TSH Biopharm Pharmaceuticals, a firm committed to ESG sustainability, is dedicated to advancing health education and aligning with the United Nations SDGs Sustainable Development Goal No. 3: Good Health and Well-being. To this end, we have organized a series of public health seminars with the primary objective of providing accurate healthcare information to all. These seminars cover a range of topics, including disease awareness, proper medication practices, the latest treatment guidelines, and disease prevention and wellness. From 2022 to 2023, we have hosted a total of seven seminars, benefiting thousands of individuals in our community.

public health seminars

Supporting Local Regeneration to Foster a Sustainable Environmental and Social Well-being Cycle

TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs

In 2023, TSH Biopharm adopted a black bean field. Black beans have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for cardiovascular health and as a source of protein. Embracing the philosophy of sustainability while starting with our core mission in healthcare, this initiative also represents our support for SDG 15, terrestrial ecosystem conservation, through eco-friendly farming. It further promotes SDG 8 and 11, fostering intergenerational agriculture and local regeneration. Our hope is that through this, we can achieve diverse benefits in the pursuit of sustainable development!

Supporting Local Regeneration Supporting Local Regeneration

In addition, the products derived from the adopted black bean field will be donated for charity to elderly people in remote areas. TSH Biopharm will also join the foundation in visiting these remote areas to collectively care for the cardiovascular health of elderly individuals living alone. Furthermore, compared to importing grains from abroad, locally produced black bean products in Taiwan can significantly reduce carbon footprints, thus contributing significantly to environmental pollution reduction.

TSH Biopharm: Delivering Love to Every Corner of Taiwan!

TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs

In 2023, TSH Biopharm supports the care program for elderly individuals living alone in remote areas. Eighteen volunteers have dedicated their efforts to provide essential supplies and services in the Puli, Beitun, Xizhi, Shiding, and Shenkeng regions. Additionally, they conducted blood pressure measurements and showed care for the elderly. TSH Biopharm, in its pursuit of sustainability and the elevation of love, joins hands in spreading love to every corner of Taiwan.

Mobile Supplies Car, Love Delivered to Your Home Mobile Supplies Car, Love Delivered to Your Home

TSH Biopharm has been supporting the 'Mobile Supplies Car, Love Delivered to Your Home' event organized by the Elderly Foundation Puli Service Center since the eve of the event. TSH Biopharm volunteers visited the homes of eight vulnerable elderly individuals in remote areas of Nantou. They provided blood pressure measurements and health care services, delivering not only love and essential supplies but also granting each elderly individual a budget of 1,500 NT dollars for purchasing items from the mobile supplies car. Additionally, they offered the black bean products adopted for the year, enabling elderly individuals in remote and less accessible areas to shop for the items they truly need right at their doorstep!

Mobile Supplies Car, Love Delivered to Your Home Mobile Supplies Car, Love Delivered to Your Home

Sustainable Talent, Achieving Happiness: TSH Biopharm Cares for the Well-being of Its Employees

TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs
Employee Assistance Program

Aligned with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goal SDG 3 'Good Health and Well-being,' we, at TSH Biopharm, provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to support the psychological well-being of our employees. This initiative not only helps us attract talent but also drives innovation in our pursuit of corporate sustainability. From a perspective of compassion, we have partnered with the Asia-Pacific Psycho-Oncology Foundation to implement the EAP system, creating a comprehensive support service. Our goal is to enhance the physical and mental health of our employees, promote a professional and joyful mindset, and cultivate a friendly workplace, all of which contribute to the achievement of happiness at TSH Biopharm.

Achieving Happiness at TSH Biopharm: DEI Gender Equality

TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs TSH Biopharm SDGs

Some say that choosing the right job leads to eight happy hours! However, we all know that sometimes happiness isn't solely in our own hands; a comfortable work environment requires our collective effort to build.

TSH Biopharm

According to the "2021 Diversity and Equality Survey," it was found that happy employees are the key to a vibrant company. The survey indicated the current workplace status, with the majority of respondents perceiving gender equality in terms of welfare systems and compensation categories. In fact, over sixty percent of respondents acknowledged that companies best demonstrate gender equality in their welfare systems, including aspects like maternity and paternity leave.

TSH Biopharm places significant importance on employee well-being and satisfaction. This year, we have implemented the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to support the physical and mental health of our employees. Furthermore, today we organized a special event, "Deepening Workplace Gender Equality Awareness in #DEI," featuring Dr. Su-Ling Fan from Tamkang University's Center for Engineering Law Research and Development. Dr. Fan discussed the significance of #gender equality in driving corporate policies and creating a more equal, safe, comfortable, and conducive working environment that allows every employee to thrive.